Links of the Day

The Dear Abby of Death

Cat Funerals in the Victorian Era

Ancient Egyptian Boat Discovered Near Pyramids

Capturing the Treasured Wisdom of Female Shamans in Russia

Mysterious Books Found In Dump Reveal Secret Writings of NYZMA

The Largest Gathering of Medievalists Happens Every Year in Kalamazoo

Learning to Love Brutalist Architecture

The Aesthetics of Hitler

Eyes Wide Shut: How to Cope with Night Terrors

Earth Is Made Up of Two Planets

The Superfluid Universe

Who Were the First Atheists?

The Afro-Nauts: African Cinema and the Rise of Lo-Fi Sci-Fi



Links of the Day

The Deceptive Art of Storytelling

Woman’s Body Turns Food Into Alcohol

The Man Who Filled Newspapers with Monsters

China’s Cremation Competition

New Year’s Peas

The Irresistible Psychology of Fairy Tales

When Plants Go to War

Science Fiction That Became Science Fact This Year

The .50-Caliber Mousetrap Patent That Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Dual Purpose Memory Palace

Fail and Fail Again

The Glories of the Galapagos

A Taxonomy of David Bowie’s Many Personas and Imitators

Copenhagen’s Final Resting Place for the Homeless

Zen Nouveau


Links of the Day

Pain and Ibogain: How an illegal psychedelic drug could help treat opiate addiction

Space Balls

The wine that comes with added bite

Meet the Former Pentagon Scientist Who Says Psychics Can Help American Spies 

Moon Hoon’s Fantastical, Mind-Bending Art and Architecture

The ancient city of Kane has been discovered

How Corsets Deformed the Skeletons of Victorian Women

The Last Homesteads

Which Sci-Fi Films Get Cited in Research?

The Celebrity Skulls of Bolivia’s Festival of Ñanitas

Body Architecture