Links of the Day

Why Doreen Valiente Is the Mother of Modern Witchcraft

The Indian Woman Who Hunts the Witch Hunters

The Brutal Musical Legacy of JG Ballard

Why Do We Still Flock to Exhibits of Dead People?

LSD Could Make You Smarter, Happier, and Healthier: Should We All Try It?

The Secrets Hidden In Old Candy Wrappers

Clinton Campaign Chair: ‘The American People Can Handle the Truth About UFOs’

Warhol’s Soup Can Screen Prints Stolen From Missouri Museum

Freedom Or Their Idea of It: Does America Need Existentialism?

The Rise of the Orgy In an Age of Sex Positivism

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Links of the Day

The Voyeur’s Motel

Paul Bowles and the Hypnotic Clamor of Morocco

The Forgotten Female Action Stars of the 1910s

Why We’re Hardwired to Hate Uncertainty

Writers Who Spied: The Unsurprising Link Between Writing and Espionage

When Venom Is Too Powerful

Australia’s Other Flying Doctors: The Spirits of Aboriginal Bush Healers

Thomas De Quincey and the Deadly Rivalries of 19th Century Magazines

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Links of the Day

Burke & Hare in the 21st Century

Crossing Over: How Science Is Redefining Life and Death

The Octopus That Ruled London

Goat Rituals and Tree-Trunk Gravestones: The Peculiar History of Life Insurance

CT Scan Shows Pharaoh Ramses III Was Murdered By Multiple Assassins

Satan and the Harrowing of Hell

John Gray on Philip K. Dick: Lost In the Mulitverse of History

The Dominatrix Class That Changed My Life

Downwinders: Life Near Nuclear Explosions

Miss Atom Bomb

Links of the Day

The Duchess of Kitsch

Clinton Would Consider Declassifying Government Documents Related to UFOs

The Wildest Rumpus: Maurice Sendak and the Art of Death

Basket Builders Vacate Ohio’s Most Famous Basket Building

The Mystery of Crow Funerals Solved

Schizophrenia and Subvocal Speech: Why People With Schizophrenia Hear the Voices of God, Spies, and Supernatural Entities

The Painting That Tricks the Eye

We Are Already Violating Virtual Reality’s First Code of Ethics

The Presidential Penis: A Short History

Raunchy, Raucous Coney Island

Donald Trump, Trickster God

Rise of the Creepynet


Links of the Day

Goodbye Vasectomy, Hello Sperm Switch

Dinosaurs Performed Dances to Woo Mates

How Contacting the Dead Became a Family Game

Looking for Aliens in All the Wrong Places

The Most Viewed File in the FBI’s Vault Has Nothing to Do with Roswell

Anti-Education by Frederick Nietzsche Review: Why Mainstream Culture, Not the Universities, Is Doing Our Best Thinking

How Scientists Hope to Find Alien Life

The Subculture of Medical Clowns

Here’s a New One — The CIA Assassinated JFK Over UFOs

Jaws Finds a New Home

How the Klan Got Its Hood

The Psychology of Going to War

Happy Birthday, Roy Batty!

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