Links of the Day

The Mystery of the Sator Square

A Violent Death in Medieval Sligo

Witches of Seattle

Cult Leader Unleashes Plague of Giant Snails on Florida

Faith Healer Stabbed to Death at Black Magic Treatment Center

Cults, Communes, and Charles Manson: Isis Aquarian on Her Time with the Source Family

Victorian Forensics – Murder Victims’ Eyes Contain an Image of Their Killer

The First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017

Do you Dare Enter the Supernatural Portal of a Fairy Ring?

Oldest and Longest Egyptian Manuscript Found


Links of the Day

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Things Have Changed Since the ’70s: Sending Aliens an Update of Life On Earth

When Flower Power Turned Sour

The Cold War Nuke That Fried Satellites

Inside the Crater that Leaks Neon Blue Lava

America’s Love of Caffeine Goes Back a Long Time

Things You Learn Cleaning Up Crime Scenes

Futurism’s Cultural Blindspot

Torture Porn or Feminist Critique?

Links of the Day

We Are the Weirdos: How Witches Went from Evil Outcasts to Feminist Heros

Build Your Own Squid

User Testing that Mixes Cocktails and Coding

The Symphony Unfinished

Something We Already Knew: Wearing Black Makes You Appear More Confident, Attractive and Intelligent

Woody Allen’s An Irrational Man

Welcome to Earth: Cuba’s ‘Special Period’ Gets the Sci-Fi Treatment

The Lessons of Out of Body Experiences

Why Can’t We Turn Our Eyes Away from the Grotesque and the Macabre?

Links of the Day

Extinct Tree Grows from Ancient Seeds

The Healing Properties of Music

How Close Are We to Human Head Transplants?

Tibet’s First Civilization

Back to Indigenous Traditions in Bolivia

A Flower as Rare as the Yeti

One Step Closer to the Universal Code Underlying Language

The Flying Spaghetti Monster Is Real

American History – The Hamburger

How Do You Sell a Haunted House? 

The Lasting Legacy of Videodrome

What Does the Death’s Head Moth Say? Squeek!