Links of the Day

Dog Meat

French Refuse to Give Jeanne d’Arc’s Ring Back to Britain

Why There Might Be Many More Universes Besides Our Own

What Engineers Can Learn From the Design of the Penis

Found: Norwegian “Witch” Books Stolen By Nazis

40 Years of Research on Human Intuition

Why Is Tarot Crazy Popular All of a Sudden?

Doge Tarot.png



Links of the Day

Psychic Archaeology

Inside the LSD Museum That the DEA Somehow Hasn’t Torn Into the Ground

Psychic Exposed NYDP Cop As a Pedophile

Minds Everywhere: Panpsychism Takes Hold In Science

The Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Brains

What UFOs Mean For People Who Don’t Trust Science

The Royal Mummies of Peru

American Utopianism: Short Lived, Much Loved

What We Can Learn From the Medieval Attitude Toward Pagans

The Psychology of the Breathtakingly Stupid Mistake

God Is Laughing At You


Links of the Day

The Art that Has No Name

Dreams and Hypnosis Are the Doorway to Precognition

Is String Theory Science?

London, a Pilgrimage: Gustave Doré’s Historic Visions of the Capital City

The Perils of Hobby Lobby’s Bible Museum

Rare Video of a Giant Squid

An Easier Way to Divorce, Courtesy of the 19th Century Kongo

The Reindeer that Glow in the Dark

The Surprising Story of America’s First Boob Selfie

Unravelling the Jelly Baby’s Dark Past

Jelly Babies


Links of the Day

Pain and Ibogain: How an illegal psychedelic drug could help treat opiate addiction

Space Balls

The wine that comes with added bite

Meet the Former Pentagon Scientist Who Says Psychics Can Help American Spies 

Moon Hoon’s Fantastical, Mind-Bending Art and Architecture

The ancient city of Kane has been discovered

How Corsets Deformed the Skeletons of Victorian Women

The Last Homesteads

Which Sci-Fi Films Get Cited in Research?

The Celebrity Skulls of Bolivia’s Festival of Ñanitas

Body Architecture